Afslankpil Reductil of Sibutramine

Slimex 15 Plus combines various diet products

Slimex 15 Plus is a product that combines various proven dietary supplements. It does so much of the things you expect from a diet product at one time. It speeds up your fat burning, helps prevent a feeling of hunger, prevents too bad fluctuations in your blood sugar and gives you energy.

Slimex 15 is produced in the Netherlands by Bensen Foodsupplements B.V.

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The website To assess and compare various dietary products, Slimex also took a closer look. Slimex gets good reviews there. It gets 3.4 out of 5 stars (in 2016). As a negative point, it is mentioned that the effect varies from person to person. Very positive are the testimonials of users and the fact that there is a ' not good money back ' guarantee. On Dutch websites very little (reliable) information regarding experiences is available.

Slimex 15 Plus: Ingredients

Slimex Plus 15 is a dietary product that is available in the form of capsules or powder to shakes To do with it. It is emphatically not about the product Slimex Sibutramine (see below). Slimex Plus 15 as available in the

Netherlands contains the following ingredients:

  • Garcinia Cambodia (60% citrine HCA)
  • Chromium picolinaat
  • Green Tea
  • Thecarnitine
  • Niacin (Vitamin B3)
  • Vitamin B6
  • Zinkcitraat dyhidraat
  • Black pepper                                                                                                                                                                                      Packaging for the Dutch               


Garcinia Cambodia (60% citrine HCA)

Garcinia Cambodia is a dietary product derived from a fruit that is found in Southeast Asia. Research by, among others, the renowned Georgetown University has shown that it helps the body to make less new fat and partially breaks down the fat that is already in the body. It leaves muscle mass unaffected. Even though it is advised to use Garcinia Cambodia Also to exercise and eat healthily, use of this supplement should only lead to two to three times faster results in terms of weight loss.

Chromium picolinaat

Chromium picolinaat -also known as chromium-is popular as a diet product because of the hongeronderdrukkende Effect. When you add chrome to your diet in the right proportion, this will help you get less ' trouble ' from a tasty trek. Therefore, you are less inclined to go on a snack between meals.

Green Tea

The beneficial effect of green tea is mainly found in the fact that you can draw more energy from your fat stores. It also has a positive effect on concentration, which is important when you eat less.


Thecarnitine contributes to the resolving of fats in the liver. Research has also shown that it helps to lower cholesterol.

Niacin (Vitamin B3)

Vitamin B3 is an important vitamin that influences energy metabolism and reduces fatigue.

Vitamin B6

The use of vitamin B6 helps in regulating and curbing the appetite and accelerating the metabolism.

Zinkcitraat dyhidraat

Zinkcitraat dyhidraat Supports the immune system. It also promotes the functioning of the thyroid gland and promotes the production of insulin. This speeds up the metabolism and prevents the so-called ' hunger Kick ' where your brain suddenly gives you a signal that you have enormous appetite.

Black pepper

Black pepper is used because it helps the other ingredients to be absorbed faster and better by the body.

Method of Intake

Slimex has three different product lines: Slimex 15 Plus, Slimex 15 Cellu Control and Slimex 15 Vitamin. You take the Slimex 15 Plus capsules & Cellu Control twice a day. These are available in monthly packaging of 60 pieces.

Beware Slimex Sibutramine

A product that is mainly available on the Asian market is Slimex Sibutramine, a dietary product in capsule form. The product looks very similar to Slimex 15 Plus, but should not be used. The product is banned within the European Union because Sibutramine may have side effects that pose a danger to health. In Reliable Dutch web shops it is therefore Not Available. Slimex Sibutraime To distinguish from Slimex 15 plus by adding Sibutramine to the packaging instead of ' 15 plus '. In Slimex shakes is never processed Sibutramine.

' Not good money back ' guarantee

The producer of Slimex 15 Plus is even so convinced of his own product that there is a ' Not good money back ' guarantee Applies. Order Multiple Packaging Slimex (the more you buy at once the cheaper it is) you may return unopened packaging if you are not satisfied. You can then use a contact form on the Slimex website. This form can also be used when you have not bought the product in the Slimex webshop but elsewhere. The product can then be returned to the distributor in Zaandam.